C&U appeared in Metro Transit Exhibition

The fragrance of osmanthus fragrances in golden October. From October 9 to 11, the three-day Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition and Forum 2021 successfully concluded in Beijing. With the theme of “Smart urban rail, Smart Travel”, the 2021 Beijing Rail Exhibition has made every effort to create an immersive industry event, with more than 300 exhibitors and an endless stream of professional visitors, with a significant increase of over 60,000 online participants. C&U with a series of rail transit bearings, a heavy appearance in this exhibition.
The 2021 Beijing Rail Show is full of highlights. A variety of new products, new technologies, new solutions in the exhibition first, released, innovative technologies, products concentrated exhibition. Strong exhibitors, such as CRRC, Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences, Huawei, Nanjing Kony, etc., as well as German Rail Industry Association, Siemens, Alstom, Knorr and other “international friends”, have been showcased. According to the organizing Committee of 2021 Beijing Rail Exhibition, the exhibition has achieved fruitful docking and remarkable external exchanges. In addition to the on-site exhibition, international counterparts have also participated in the exhibition online and offline.
During the exhibition, the National Development and Reform Commission, ministry of industry and car in China, China association of urban rail transit and other relevant aspects lead to C&U booth respectively research, guidance, fully affirmed the humanism to actively participate in rail transit countries such as major equipment thetime “bearing research, hope to humanism make persistent efforts, for our country to realize the independent control rail bearing makes a bigger contribution.
Committed to innovative development, focusing on wisdom practice. Following the steps of Chinas great efforts to develop a transportation power and smart urban rail, C&U has successfully developed a series of rail transit bearings. The main products are axle box bearings, traction motor bearings, gear box bearings, cooling fan bearings, sliding door linear bearings and air conditioning compressor bearings, etc., together to contribute to the high-quality development of urban rail transit.