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Mobility thanks to the latest technology

Wheel bearings are part of every chassis. As an essential part of the chassis, they ensure the transfer of drive energy to the wheels. In addition, the wheel bearings bear the remaining parts of the chassis and stabilise it.

The quality of the wheel bearings has a great impact on the efficiency of a vehicle: the less friction occurs, the more efficiently the energy from the drive is transferred to the wheels. In addition, it provides the wheel bearings with data for driving assistance systems such as ABS and ESP.

….from generation to generation

The construction of wheel bearings has developed consistently in the last few years. The latest wheel bearings are able to take on more and more functions from the surrounding parts. In addition, assembly is made easier and the need for maintenance is consistently reduced.

Unterschiedliche Radlager

1st generation wheel bearings


The 1st generation of compact bearings is still installed very frequently. It consists of two rows of rolling elements. Due to the relatively easy construction, this wheel bearing impresses with excellent reliability. In addition, the first generation of wheel bearings do not need to be adjusted or pretensioned.

1. Generation eines Radlagers

Advantages of the 1st generation

  • Compact construction
  • Very reliable
  • Easy assembly

2nd generation wheel bearings

The 2nd generation of wheel bearings follow the trend of the automotive industry for simplified construction and reduced weight. A flange in the shape of a wheel hub, or as a fastening flange, simplifies assembly.
Advantages of the 2nd generation
  • Custom fit alignment to the relevant vehicle
  • Increased rigidity
  • Material savings
  • Simplified assembly
Radlager der 2. Generation

3rd generation of wheel bearings

The 3rd generation of compact bearings are distinguished by two flanges. This means that the wheel bearings can be mounted on the axle carrier effortlessly. At the same time, the second flange provides comfort when mounting the wheels and the brakes. Thanks to this simplified construction, no special tools are necessary in the case of repairs. A factory set pretension simplifies assembly further.

The 3rd generation of wheel bearings can also be mounted on the driven axle.

Radlager der 3. Generation

Advantages of the 3rd generation

  • No special tools required for repairs
  • Easy assembly due to set pretension
  • Can be mounted on the driven axle.



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