We know what makes mechanical engineering tick!

C&U Europe has worked closely with numerous manufacturers in mechanical and plant engineering for many years. We know the complex manufacturing processes and the high standards of industrial production.

Therefore, we have adapted our products and solutions precisely to the various industrial areas and sectors.

Tailor made solutions for industrial use

Roller bearings are the pivotal point in mechanical processes. A high quality roller bearing guarantees the optimum and low maintenance operation of the plants in the long term. They are used in a variety of areas: robots, sport or household appliances, wind turbines, water supply, escalators or gear technology.

With digitalisation in the industry, roller bearings have performed numerous other functions for a long time. These go far beyond purely mechanical processes.

C&U manufactures a large selection of bearing for use in industrial applications. Our high technology, progressive production processes, such as high speed forging and cold rolling extension guarantee product precision and an extremely long lifespan. The increased material density improves the durability and loadbearing capacity of the products and makes C&U bearings ideal for industrial use.


We would be pleased to find the ideal solution for you.

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