C&U honor

On March 31, the Peoples Government of Henan Province issued the decision on 2021 Science and Technology Awards of Henan Province, which awarded a total of 299 awards, including the Outstanding contribution Award of science and technology of Henan Province, science and technology Cooperation Award of Henan Province, Natural Science Award of Henan Province, Technology Invention Award of Henan Province and Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Province. The project “Key Technology and Application of Low Friction And High Performance Bearing” that C&U participated in won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Province. The participating units also include Henan University of Science and Technology and Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., LTD.Established by the provincial government, the Science and technology Awards of Henan Province aim to reward citizens and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to science and technology progress activities, arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of science and technology workers, and accelerate the development of science and technology undertakings in henan Province.C&U in the low friction high performance bearing key technology and application of the project, to play their own advantages, in the development of new type of car wheel hub bearing, gear train engine bearing in the process of auto bearing and so on, high sealing performance combination sealing structure was designed, optimize the skeleton shape, increase the quantity of the sealing lip and the adjustment of the sealing lip interference quantity combination sealing technology, Solve the problem of seal failure of hub bearing unit entering muddy water, improve sealing performance, improve waterproof performance of seals, and reduce bearing friction torque; The refined special heat treatment technology of bearing steel was invented to improve the fatigue resistance of bearing raceway. The research on forging technology of inner and outer flange of automobile hub bearing is carried out to guarantee the fatigue life and impact strength of bearing flange plate.Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, as well as the guarantee of enterprise survival and market competition. It is precisely because of accelerating the pace of scientific and technological innovation that C&U constantly makes technological innovation achievements emerge. Up to now, the group has accumulated 2,023 authorized patents, participated in the system/revision of 44 national and industrial standards. In addition, THE group continues to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and the same industry, jointly carry out strategic research and development, occupy the technological highland, seize the market opportunities.