C&U is one of the top 100 private enterprises

On September 23, Zhejiang Market Supervision Bureau and The Federation of Industry and Commerce jointly announced the list of “top 100 Private Enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2021”, and C&U ranked 82nd.

The list is ranked based on the operating income (total sales) of enterprises in 2020 by referring to their annual tax payment, net profit, total assets and other indicators as well as relevant data of the annual report of the enterprise credit Information Disclosure system. This year, the threshold of zhejiang top 100 private enterprises is 14.98 billion yuan, compared with 11.94 billion yuan last year, the threshold of finalists increased by 25.5%. The list shows that the annual operating revenue, net assets and net profits of the top 100 private enterprises increased by 16.9%, 25.8% and 23.8% respectively, maintaining a relatively high growth rate. C&U has been listed in the top 100 list for successive years, which fully reflects the good business performance and healthy development trend of the enterprise.

In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the industry was greatly affected, but in spite of this, C&U has always firmly grasped the initiative of development, seeking breakthroughs in perseverance, and empowering development with innovation. The whole enterprise closely around the business objectives set at the beginning of the year, implement the established strategic deployment, actively take measures to fully control risks, properly, orderly arrangement of production and operation, the enterprise still maintained a good momentum of development.

Technological innovation is the core driving force of enterprise development. Since this year, C&U around the conference theme “major equipment bearing standardization”, to further increase investment in research and development, establish the platform of scientific research, innovation and technological achievements, continue to focus on power rail transportation, special equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, robots, shield machine and other high-end research and development and production of bearing power equipment manufacturing high quality development state.