C&U showed up at “PTC ASIA Exhibition”

From October 26 to October 29, PTC ASIA (ASIA International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition), known as the “vane” of power transmission industry, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, which is an important window for Chinese brands to show their strength to the world, attracting nearly 1500 enterprises in the industry. C&U participated in this industry “feast” again to highlight the elegant demeanor of Chinas leading bearing industry enterprises and the worlds top ten bearing enterprises, and truly feel the innovation achievements of China in intelligent manufacturing.
PTC ASIA is co-sponsored by China Hydropneumatic Seals Industry Association, China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, Hannover Messe and Hannover Messe Milano (Shanghai) Co., LTD. This year, PTC ASIA celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched a new theme “Breaking boundaries, Driving the Future”, aiming to lead the power transmission industry to break through the boundaries of conventional thinking and cognitive platform, and make the traditional industrial industry burst into new development, innovation and integration.
PTC ASIA is also pushing the boundaries. In terms of product display, the exhibition covers more and more product categories, striving to do a good job in the ecological layout of the whole power transmission industry chain. This year, PTC ASIA has welcomed nearly 1,500 companies, including Hydek, Aguhuitos, Haway, Atos, KTR, Hanseatic Flex, Shanghai Electric, Schaeffler, Timken,C&U, etc., with an exhibition area of nearly 110,000 square meters. Covers hydraulic, pneumatic, sealing, gear, motor, chain drive, belt drive, spring, bearing, drive coupling and industrial sub-contracting and other 11 major themes.
The main exhibits and application industries are: RV reducer and harmonic reducer bearings, bearings using antifriction environmental design, with low friction torque, low temperature rise, high rigidity, long life excellent performance, low noise products, small torque, high transmission accuracy, easy to install; New energy drive motor bearing, with high speed, high and low temperature resistance new energy vehicle special drive motor bearing, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency; High-speed motorized spindle bearings, mainly angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, play an important role in improving the performance of industrial machine tools, optimizing module design, simplifying the structure of machine tools, and better supporting machine tool spindles. In addition, there are elevator tractor bearings, planetary reducer bearings, forklift transmission equipment bearings, wind power slewing bearings, engineering machinery gearbox bearings, etc.
Through this exhibition, it fully demonstrates the scientific research and technical ability, product manufacturing strength and good brand image of the company, and lays a good foundation for the follow-up market expansion.